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>> happy spring


It’s finally beginning to feel like spring with perfectly crisp mornings and warm sunny afternoons that transition to cool evenings. If it could stay like this year round life might be perfect. I’ve been inspired by all the color that has been popping up due to April’s rainy but warmer weather. Here is a glimpse in my sketchbook where I was painting on site at Longwood Gardens where their tulips are currently in peak bloom.

hello spring



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>> sketchbook glimpse part 2

My newest sketchbook is a mixed media hardbound book with thick pages perfect for laying down watercolor. Here is a glimpse into the first pages, which I always find very intimidating… so empty yet filled with endless ideas. In order to break an old habit, I forced myself not to leave the first page blank… Image

… the second page I simply laid down fields of watercolor and then drew marks and patterns on top with ink as well as white gouache. So far this new sketchbook is a fun experiment of trying new things and working outside of my normal creation process.


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>> sketchbook glimpse

While working on my illustrated state series, I use nothing but reference photos gathered from the endless pool of the internet to create the little icons decorating the maps. I started to feel as though I wasn’t taking notice of the inspiration around me. Over the summer I started a sketchbook and have been filling its pages with observational doodles and paintings. Although none of these are masterpieces or even finished pieces, I feel like I am retraining my eye and my hand to capture small glimpses.  Though the pages I’m sharing are common in subject matter- the other pages show of journeys to museums and parks, lunch at a cafe, the backyard, my studio desk and hand picked collections.



Just last week I picked up a new sketchbook- and very few objects hold such promise for endless creativity than 64 blank pages with a hardbound cover. The paper is of really nice quality and it meant for mixed media. I’ve started to paint layers of watercolor and gouache with touches of ink and couldn’t be happier with the thought of exploring new ideas no matter how simple they might be. I’ll be back in the next few days to share the first pages!

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>> happy easter!

Hope your weekend it most egg-cellent and filled with treats beyond your wildest imagination! Image

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>> nostalgic flashback


This past weekend I had the pleasure of being a part of my alma mater’s (do people still say that??!) Open House for perspective students. As an alumni, I helped to represent the illustration department along with another past student/current professional and all the faculty I remember so fondly! It was really an interesting experience chatting with students (and their inquisitive parents!)- mostly high school age and finding out what they love to do and showing them what I love to do. Along with current work I brought a handful of pieces that I created as a student there… and wow! I’ve always though it was fun to look back on designs I created last year and notice big changes, but these are from FIVE years ago. F-I-V-E. They seem ancient, yet I can see my future self in them. Though I work differently now and the finished designs are digital, I still hand draw everything. My line work is something that I loved then and love now… it’s quite curious to see how it’s evolved. I’ve decided to share this peek into my past as a reminder to myself to be proud of where I once was and how much I’ve grown since.


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