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>>a long overdue Hello Niccoco update!

It has been literally four months since my last visit to this blog. Time has swirled past so quickly, I can hardly believe it is December and the New Year is right around the corner. One of my last posts I mentioned I took on a position within the admission department at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design. With that I’ve been trying to carve out my time for my own personal work. Though I’ve been keeping busy with creating and selling I’ve neglected to share exciting news here!!

First I’d like to share about my interactions with AllPort Editions, a company based on the West Coast in Portland Oregon. I initially reached out to them this past spring with some of my latest work, particularly the illustrated maps. They were on the hunt for pieces inspired by states and cities and I felt my style and subject matter lent perfectly with what they were seeking. After making contact, time passed by as it typically does… I must say it was a great “pinch me” moment when I heard from AllPort in August. They expressed an interest in licensing a handful of my state maps for a greeting card collection. Below is a peek at some samples they sent me along with our contract. I can hardly wait until spring 2014- my cards will be in production and available for vendors to purchase! i will be receiving a handful of goodies from AllPort once available!


The next bit of news is equally as exciting and I do believe I will update with another post showing a little bit of my process. I was contracted by Southern Living magazine to create three illustrated maps for an article about the South’s most traveled roads during the holiday season! Another “pinch me” moment right there! I’ll save the details for my next post but below are the finished pieces in the magazine which came out in November issue.


So stay tuned for my next update (which I promise won’t be in another 4 months)!

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Time has passed quickly since my last post, but I promise art has been created in these past few months! My latest obsession has been state maps! I set a goal for myself last fall to do one a week and within a years time I’d have a wonderful collection and all the states complete! I’m well on my way to reaching the half way point (currently finished 18 onto number 19!!!) and as I make my journey around the country, I have gotten a lot of positive energy from these designs which has helped fuel my project! It’s really a personal goal to do these, its just something about the process… researching (something about American history fascinates me), the learning, the drawing, and putting it all together to make a pleasing piece of design.  It’s truly fun!

I decided to go ahead and organize the prints I had on hand by color and snap some shots to share the collection thus far with you. The states that I have completed but are not shown include Texas, Iowa, Tennessee and Missouri… but don’t fear!! All can be found in my etsy shop!


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