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>> home inspiration

Sharing some snaps of my home and my inspiration because I find that I must surround myself with things, albeit other works of art the I admire, bright colors, interesting textures, patterns galore – to spark creativity, adventure and curiosity.
My mood board is ever changing and hangs in my studio over my desk. A lot of these paper items were collected from the National Stationery Show. Attending NSS and Surtex was such an awesome experience but exhausting! It took me over a week of being home to sort through my collected goodies of business cards, wholesale booklets with supplemental seasonal lines and tons of postcards. A few of my favorites made it onto June’s inspiration board nestled with vintage postcards I recently picked up from a shop in Maryland, all of which have joined the centerpiece- my favorite calendar I’ve ever owned by Katie Daisy.

June's mood board

June’s mood board

As you can imagine already, I have a paper hoarding problem. Well, maybe it’s not a problem yet… but I love to save bits and pieces of interesting images I spot whether from the mail, product packaging, wrapping paper, old birthday cards, and postcards. I absolutely love collecting postcards. In fact, the souvenirs I brought home from last year’s California adventure were vintage inspired postcards found at touristy destinations. They’ve made their rotation on the mood board and usually get tucked away in a drawer… until now! I’ve finally decided displaying them is the best and easiest way to enjoy them.

Maps galore

This last shot is of a bedroom window. Years ago (come to think of it, at least 3!!!) Matt and I made these flower and leaf pressings from an afternoon of walking, discovering and collecting. They’ve been tucked away (and forgotten) in a giant book to help them stay flat. Matt recently rediscovered them and decided to display them. They feel very ethereal and bring back waves of nostalgia of that afternoon of collecting these very pieces of nature but also of being a little kid again.

window inspiration

Bedroom window inspiration

I love all of these details in my home, and I hope others do too! I hope to share more as I believe it gives insight to a person, and how they view their world and how it can enrich and inspire.

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>> keeping track


An insiders peek at how I’ve been keeping track of which states I’ve completed already!!! I just finished Nebraska and am en route to New Mexico! This little map will be colored in completely before you know it! Have you seen all of the finished designs? They are on view in full in the hello niccoco etsy shop!

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Over the weekend I reached a milestone on my illustrated map series… number 25, the halfway point!! I can hardly believe it! It feels great knowing that as I continue with the next state, I’ll be more than halfway done.

The lucky state is… New Jersey!! This print and the 24 others can be found in the hello niccoco etsy shop!


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>> hello iowa

I must admit, I’ve been wanting to first illustrate all the states that are near and dear to my heart… you know, all those ones with favorite vacation memories and the ones on the top of the must travel to list. But, there’s something thrilling about learning all about those other states. The ones where I really only know their location, capitol, and abbreviation- embarrassing but true!
So I chose Iowa, partially because I’m connected to the state (selling prints at the fabulous shop Domestica which is located in Des Moines), and because I knew very little about it! See the cowboy hat, thats where John Wayne was born, an amazing fact I did not know!

The Hawkeye State

For me this whole process isn’t just about creating, but learning as I move forward in this self driven project. I truly hope you are enjoying it as much as I am.
I already shared a peek of the next state I’m currently working on instagram…

it’s Virginia!

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next up, Maryland!

The state we visit most frequently (Baltimore is only an hour-ish away + all of Matt’s immediate family live there), the state we travel through the most (recent trips have been leading us southward) of course it had to be the next in my illustrated state series… Maryland!!

Shown here in 10×8 print form and a smaller but sweet card-perfect for sending a hello!

The Old Line state

I’m thinking of re-shooting my product to update my etsy shop photos, would it be wise to include the state prints/cards?

Would you want one of your state?

I’m already anxious to share the next state I have in the works. Right now its only inked on paper, but I’m dreaming of all the colors I plan to use!

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>> California love

Ever since I dreamed up my Pennsylvania & Lancaster County illustrated maps, I’ve been itching to do more, so why not?! I had the perfect excuse to doodle up the golden state… a dear friend of mine bought a house in Escondido (!!!!) and I thought this would make the sweetest housewarming gift to send 3,000 miles away. I’ve been dying to share this- you may have even seen peeks on instagram, but I didn’t want to spoil the surprise! Since the print has arrived safely in California, here is the completed design in it’s sunshiny glory. It makes me so happy I even have one hanging in the studio!

California love

I already have the next state I want to complete in progress… how fun would it be to have a collection of all the states illustrated?! Stay tuned for the next one!

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