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>> hello iowa

I must admit, I’ve been wanting to first illustrate all the states that are near and dear to my heart… you know, all those ones with favorite vacation memories and the ones on the top of the must travel to list. But, there’s something thrilling about learning all about those other states. The ones where I really only know their location, capitol, and abbreviation- embarrassing but true!
So I chose Iowa, partially because I’m connected to the state (selling prints at the fabulous shop Domestica which is located in Des Moines), and because I knew very little about it! See the cowboy hat, thats where John Wayne was born, an amazing fact I did not know!

The Hawkeye State

For me this whole process isn’t just about creating, but learning as I move forward in this self driven project. I truly hope you are enjoying it as much as I am.
I already shared a peek of the next state I’m currently working on instagram…

it’s Virginia!

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>> wedding collab part 1

Happy Monday!!

I can hardly contain my excitement for what I’m about to share! The past 2 weekends Matt and I have attended weddings, and decided for each of them to give a more personal gift. We combined our super talents of being creative and worked together for the first time EVER on a finished piece of art. In our 5+ years of being together, this is truly the first collaboration of Matt and Nicole. Its amazing that you can see both of us and our styles melding together.

Ok, on with the snapshot!

Matt discovered the quote and found it quite fitting for the future husband and wife. And yes, that is a slab of wood! How perfect for the quote (which in case you haven’t figured it out, Matt designed) and the surrounding imagery done by myself! We were able to draw right on the wood, with no ink bleed or smearing.

We fell so in love with how it turned out, we almost didn’t want to give it away!! However… we are completely thrilled that the happy couple gets to enjoy/hang it in their new home together.

And here’s a peek at the gift wrapped up in the most lovely Rifle Co paper that I  got from Mommalicious!!

all wrapped up

Did you notice this is wedding collab part 1? Collab part 2 will be shared next week, so stay tuned!!

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>> October inspiration board

I’m so in love with these art of pixar cards, I can’t believe I didn’t know of their existence until 2 weeks ago when Matt surprised me with volume two. Volume two?? What about Volume 1?! I had to find it, to make the collection complete. And lo and behold Amazon delivered, in record time might I add, and now I have a gazillion postcards.

So what does one do with 200 postcards that are too lovely to let go of just yet…

200 postcards of pixar amazingness

October inspiration

The answer is so obvious, one tacks their favorites on an inspiration board, of course! I am completely inspired by the different styles, the detail and simplicity- its the perfect spot to enjoy them before a few get mailed off…

Hope you enjoy my board of happiness and have a happy weekend!

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discover Hello Niccoco… in Iowa!


headed to Des Moines!

The latest news in the Hello Niccoco world is the recent update in the shop section of the website! That’s right you’ll soon find prints, necklaces and brooches available at Domestica a shop known to carry lovely and support handmade artists. The package of goodies is en route and I’m quite excited to soon be a part of the community!


walking cards to Mommalicious

If Iowa is a bit of a hike, cards can now be found at Mommalicious in Lancaster city!

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>> hello world!

working inspiration board, love to change it up each month!

I simply loved the title hello world from the  sample post that I had to keep it for this first official post.

In case this is our first time crossing paths, my name is Nicole Duquette and I am the doodle enthusiast behind hello niccoco! I’ve decided to start fresh on the blog front and this clean simple look is perfect to showcase process pictures, inspiration and all sorts of creativity & eye candy! Hope you will join me in my adventures, big and small, and be inspired by my creations & things I love!

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