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>> photo update


Yesterday I updated in my Etsy shop (www.etsy.com/shop/helloniccoco) the photo backdrops of my quote prints! It’s been long overdue and I decided to use some of the vintage floral handkerchiefs that I’ve been collecting along with some other studio necessities like my thrifted mint green tape dispenser, washi tape (always), scissors and spools of spring. The delicate hankies are bright and colorful and contrasted enough with my designs and the photos definitely portray a pretty accurate feel of my creative space, just a little tidier.


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>> representing me

One of my all-time favorite things to do is send snail mail. Handwriting a simple note of thanks, a sweet hello, congratulations or happy day is a craft that I want to keep alive. And when I sell a print through Etsy, or have a custom request that needs to be shipped, my love of creating/selling work and putting together a package merge into one fantastic happy moment. What could be better than opening a pretty gift? I want to instill that excitement when I ship an 8×10 map of your favorite state to you. Each design is unique and original, thats why you are supporting handmade right? The interaction of creator to customer should be just as special. I’ve been inspired to share this thought because of a recent blog post by HandMade in PA that nails it on the head with personal experience and featured my maps in the article! Though I’m constantly re-thinking and evolving my mail-to-you package experience, I would like to think I always share a part of myself with each mailer that is sent out. A mental checklist begins to form once I  sit down and begin to package orders. Always included are business cards (yes multiple, in case the buyer wants to share with a friend and keep one for themselves), a hand written thank you note that’s personalized with their name and the item they purchased- sometimes even a story sneaks its way in, a special goodie- whether it be a note card or special print for them to keep or pass on as a gift, designed mailing labels, colorful strips of washi tape, and a piece of yarn to tie it all together! phew!

A rainbow of blank Hello notecards ready to be written on & sent out with orders!

A rainbow of blank Hello notecards ready to be written on & sent out with orders!

A customer bought 4 illustrated state prints! I included a special "hello from Florida" notecard as a thank you!

A customer bought 4 illustrated state prints! So I included a special “hello from Florida” notecard as a thank you

I just recently updated all of my state map photo’s on Etsy to represent this “package” of mine. Because, really it’s not just the end result of what you receive in the mail, it all has to tie together and this whole process begins at the initial stage of wanting to make the purchase. And doesn’t that excitement and wanting start when you first lay eyes on the product? If it is, then those product photos will be the first thing (sometimes even the only thing…) the customer will experience! As I evolve, so will the product photos, the package, the designs, everything will ever so slightly change and change again but it will always be a true representation of myself.

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>> keeping track


An insiders peek at how I’ve been keeping track of which states I’ve completed already!!! I just finished Nebraska and am en route to New Mexico! This little map will be colored in completely before you know it! Have you seen all of the finished designs? They are on view in full in the hello niccoco etsy shop!

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>> new designs

In between the project of designing all 50 states (I’m currently on number 21 now- Colorado!!) I have had this need to create something else, something completely inspirational. Adventure is brewing deep inside me and I can hardly wait for warmer temperatures, sunny days turned into sunny evenings… so, I turned to some favorite naturalist quotes and decided to illustrate them!

The first that sparked my desire is John Muir’s quote “The mountains are calling and I must go”.  It might be my favorite of the newest designs because it was the first or because its overlapping with bright bold colors or… the connection to the words, to be surrounded by something larger than life.



“The bluebird carries the sky on his back”… I found this quote to be so sweet. For the longest time I thought if I could be any creature in the world for just one day, I would choose a bird. The sights they must see…  just priceless.


The third quote is absolutely a popular one, with good reason! “All good things are wild and free”, so simple and oh so true.

Each of these nature filled designs are listed as 8×10 prints in the hello niccoco Etsy shop! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do and feel inspired to make your own adventure!

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Time has passed quickly since my last post, but I promise art has been created in these past few months! My latest obsession has been state maps! I set a goal for myself last fall to do one a week and within a years time I’d have a wonderful collection and all the states complete! I’m well on my way to reaching the half way point (currently finished 18 onto number 19!!!) and as I make my journey around the country, I have gotten a lot of positive energy from these designs which has helped fuel my project! It’s really a personal goal to do these, its just something about the process… researching (something about American history fascinates me), the learning, the drawing, and putting it all together to make a pleasing piece of design.  It’s truly fun!

I decided to go ahead and organize the prints I had on hand by color and snap some shots to share the collection thus far with you. The states that I have completed but are not shown include Texas, Iowa, Tennessee and Missouri… but don’t fear!! All can be found in my etsy shop!


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