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>> home inspiration

Sharing some snaps of my home and my inspiration because I find that I must surround myself with things, albeit other works of art the I admire, bright colors, interesting textures, patterns galore – to spark creativity, adventure and curiosity.
My mood board is ever changing and hangs in my studio over my desk. A lot of these paper items were collected from the National Stationery Show. Attending NSS and Surtex was such an awesome experience but exhausting! It took me over a week of being home to sort through my collected goodies of business cards, wholesale booklets with supplemental seasonal lines and tons of postcards. A few of my favorites made it onto June’s inspiration board nestled with vintage postcards I recently picked up from a shop in Maryland, all of which have joined the centerpiece- my favorite calendar I’ve ever owned by Katie Daisy.

June's mood board

June’s mood board

As you can imagine already, I have a paper hoarding problem. Well, maybe it’s not a problem yet… but I love to save bits and pieces of interesting images I spot whether from the mail, product packaging, wrapping paper, old birthday cards, and postcards. I absolutely love collecting postcards. In fact, the souvenirs I brought home from last year’s California adventure were vintage inspired postcards found at touristy destinations. They’ve made their rotation on the mood board and usually get tucked away in a drawer… until now! I’ve finally decided displaying them is the best and easiest way to enjoy them.

Maps galore

This last shot is of a bedroom window. Years ago (come to think of it, at least 3!!!) Matt and I made these flower and leaf pressings from an afternoon of walking, discovering and collecting. They’ve been tucked away (and forgotten) in a giant book to help them stay flat. Matt recently rediscovered them and decided to display them. They feel very ethereal and bring back waves of nostalgia of that afternoon of collecting these very pieces of nature but also of being a little kid again.

window inspiration

Bedroom window inspiration

I love all of these details in my home, and I hope others do too! I hope to share more as I believe it gives insight to a person, and how they view their world and how it can enrich and inspire.

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>> a new year!

Happiest of New Years dear friends! 2013 was a pretty spectacular year and I’m hoping, wishing, dreaming and striving to make 2014 just as fantastical. A turn of the new year is often a time of reflection, resolutions, and goal setting. This very time last year I made a list of things to accomplish. Simple things to keep in mind each day. I would often refer to it in a mundane moment and feel inspired. On the left I wrote things I wanted to do, on the right- how I would go about achieving those things. 2014 is no different except some of the to-do’s have evolved. One of my favorites is to create more and share often. 


Here’s to 2014, 12 months full of potential! 



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>>a long overdue Hello Niccoco update!

It has been literally four months since my last visit to this blog. Time has swirled past so quickly, I can hardly believe it is December and the New Year is right around the corner. One of my last posts I mentioned I took on a position within the admission department at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design. With that I’ve been trying to carve out my time for my own personal work. Though I’ve been keeping busy with creating and selling I’ve neglected to share exciting news here!!

First I’d like to share about my interactions with AllPort Editions, a company based on the West Coast in Portland Oregon. I initially reached out to them this past spring with some of my latest work, particularly the illustrated maps. They were on the hunt for pieces inspired by states and cities and I felt my style and subject matter lent perfectly with what they were seeking. After making contact, time passed by as it typically does… I must say it was a great “pinch me” moment when I heard from AllPort in August. They expressed an interest in licensing a handful of my state maps for a greeting card collection. Below is a peek at some samples they sent me along with our contract. I can hardly wait until spring 2014- my cards will be in production and available for vendors to purchase! i will be receiving a handful of goodies from AllPort once available!


The next bit of news is equally as exciting and I do believe I will update with another post showing a little bit of my process. I was contracted by Southern Living magazine to create three illustrated maps for an article about the South’s most traveled roads during the holiday season! Another “pinch me” moment right there! I’ll save the details for my next post but below are the finished pieces in the magazine which came out in November issue.


So stay tuned for my next update (which I promise won’t be in another 4 months)!

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>> a whirlwind

Have three months nearly passed since my last post?? Well, its been a bit of a whirlwind of all good things since then!! In brief, Matt and I spent 10 days traveling the oh so beautiful state of California in May and once we landed I started a shiny new job as an admissions counselor at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design!!! Phew! Sounds quite seamless when condensed down into one sentence… but looking back it was a moment of crazy filled excitement with little time to do much else but breathe.

Because we went on such an epic adventure, flying into San Diego and driving northward to San Francisco visiting friends and family… I’ve decided to share just a few (out of the 1,500) pictures we took! The trip was filled with such visual inspiration its hard to believe its over and gone… that we left a month and a half ago. Its just sinking in.

our first view of the Pacific Ocean at La Jolla

our first view of the Pacific Ocean at La Jolla

On the edge of the USA on Highway 1

On the edge of the USA on Highway 1

Woke up in Cambria to explore the tidal pools

Woke up in Cambria to explore the tidal pools

Felt so tiny while walking among the Redwoods

Felt so tiny while walking among the Redwoods

can not wait to come back and visit again!

can not wait to come back and visit again!

Truly, it was a trip of a lifetime and we have open invitations to visit again! Next time, we plan to explore the National Parks- there is just so much to squeeze in we may have to go for a month!

Since starting at PCA&D last month, a routine is just now forming for me to find the time and desire to work on my personal projects. I’ve just completed illustrated state number 33 and I’ve already begun number 34! Plus I’m willing myself to doodle each day with the instagram doodle-a-day challenge.

a peek at my bulletin board

a peek at my bulletin board

The past three months have been filled with change, growth and learning and I can not wait to see where this new path takes me. I’m most excited about the people I’ll meet as an admissions counselor- students, parents, peers and instructors and discover where their path has been/is going!

I’ll still be sharing snippets of my work, inspirations and doodles amongst the new routine of my daily life!

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>> collected & studied

Last Saturday was the first day I had off that felt like an actual spring day, sunny with temps in the 60s- just perfect! Matt and I enjoyed a walk at the Lancaster County park on our favorite trail the follows alongside the Conestoga river. We brought our walkin’ shoes, cameras and a ziplock bag to take home treasures. We found so much inspiration tucked in that bag that what we got home we assembled and reassembled our collection to showcase all the different colors, shapes and textures.


We both proceeded to take our favorites and really study them, each in our own way. My favorite drawing tool of choice is of course my medium point sharpie pen. I did some fairly quick studies in my new sketchbook and am pretty pleased with the page. Finding time to draw like this is really such fun!


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